Song Review: “No Problem”-Chance the Rapper


One week after the most anticipated rap album of the summer dropped and left fans mildly disappointed, a new hope for the sound of the summer emerged in the form of a young rapper from Chicago. On the eve of his new mixtape, Chance 3, Chance the Rapper premiered a new song featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show.


“No Problem” begins with a gospel chorus sound that Chance seems to be digging these days followed by a short little auto-tuned verse from the Chicago MC. After one song release, Chance does what Drake failed to do on his whole entire album, which is make a fun record. Right now Chance is just becoming a household name. He is in a great spot where no one is looking at him to be the best new rapper (Kendrick) or to take over the summer and make club hits (Drake). Everyone just wants him to do what he does best which is make entertaining, poppy tunes that grow on you after each listen. When he wants to steal a rappers shine he will, see Ultra Light Beam or Baby Blue, but mostly he seems to be happy to make great music and  if that means sitting back and letting 2 Chainz brag about dapping God up then so be it. Do I think this will be my favorite song on Chance 3, probably not, does it make me extremely excited to hear more?

Final Review: 7.9/10



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