Ciara and Russell Wilson’s First Night as a Married Couple- A Picture Review


On July 6th, singer Ciara and Superbowl MVP Russell Wilson were married in England. Both in their second marriage, the couple presumably consummated the marriage after a long vow of celibacy while they were dating.

Let’s take a took at their reactions to the first night of being Mr. and Mrs. Wilson…


Just look at the happy couple. Based on this photo this is the lowest point in both of their lives. I didn’t think they could go lower. Ciara was previously rumored to have a penis and Russ once lost a Superbowl because he thought he throwing the ball was a better option than this…

..yet here we are. Apparently they are shooting the movie, The Graduate 2: I Should Have Never Given This Man My “Goodies”


Ciara will probably crawl back to the marble mouth king of autotune- Future (the man made March Madness, I don’t understand why she ever left him) and Wilson will go back to listening to Pete Carroll angrily chomp on gum while explaining why 9/11 was a hoax in the quarterback’s helmet earpiece.

Best of luck to the newlyweds though. Mazel Tov!


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