Kevin Durant Signs with the Golden State Warriors- Review


Kevin Durant will soon be an NBA champion.


On July 4th, former Oklahoma City Thunder MVP, Kevin Durant, had his own declaration. He announced on the Player’s Tribune that he would be signing with the reigning Western Conference Champions, the Golden State Warriors. It marks the biggest free agent star switching teams since Lebron’s infamous “Decision” and similar to James this move has created controversy.

During this year’s Western Conference Finals, the Thunder were a game away from taking down the seemingly invincible Warriors. Up 3-1 in the series, the odds were stacked in the Oklahoma’s favor. Yet, the basketball gods were cruel to OKC as a tornado of three’s rained down upon them and they saw their season swept away. As soon as the final buzzer sounded, everyone wanted to know what jersey the lanky superstar scorer, Kevin Durant, would be pulling over his tattooed covered torso next year.

To the shock of Oklahoma fans, the jersey Durant chose was that of the team that just knocked him out of the playoffs. The words “cowardly” and “cheater” were thrown his way. Thunder fans burned his jersey in disgust. They have every right to be angry too. Their superstar forward took the easy way out instead of trying to stick it out and earn a ring with the team that was just minutes away from making the Finals. Instead he goes to the team that just had the best regular season record of all time. The team that has the reigning two time MVP. The team that has two of the best shooters in league history. The team that was already favored to win the title in 2017.

As a basketball move this was a brilliant decision. The media hounds great players if they never have the ring to back up their greatness. Lebron left the city he was raised in to create a superstar team in Miami. The key word in that sentence is CREATE. The Heat had a great player in Dwayne Wade already, but they weren’t the team that was bouncing Lebron’s Cavalier’s from the playoffs. That would be the Boston Celtics, a team similar to that of Golden State in which they were comprised of three future Hall of Famers who had won a championship on their own. What if Lebron had joined the Celtics? How many titles would he have one there?

As a fan of basketball this move angered me. Durant is too talented of a player to be riding off the coattails of a team that already was a dynasty in the making. The Warriors will probably win a championship or two in the next couple of years and Durant will get his coveted piece of jewelry. The question he has to ask himself is, did he really earn it?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors - Game One

PS: Steph Curry still has the worst sneakers in the league



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