Tim Duncan’s Fashion Career- A Review in Pictures

Tim Duncan retired today after 19 incredible years in the NBA. He is the best power forward of all time and arguably the best player of his generation (sorry Kobe). tim-duncan-5-championships

He has the nickname the Big Fundamental due to his sound play and lack of showboating/flash on the court. He was a professional through and through. Some people say he was boring but those people had clearly never seen him off the court. Off the court he was a fashion icon. In a league dominated by stars trying to keep up with the latest fashion trend and dressing like fools (sorry Russell Westbrook) Duncan was a god among men.

Without further ado, Duncan’s top 5 outfits, in no particular order, from his illustrious NBA career

1.First Day of School



2. Jorts


3. Comic Con


4. Men in Black


5. Classic Dad Joke


Timmy Duncs just oozing cool. You can’t teach swag like that. You’re just born with it.

PS: Apparently a great taste in fashion  is directly correlated with basketball ability. As long as Steph wears those Chef Curry’s every game, I can’t see the Warriors losing a game.


Congrats on a great career Tim! Can’t wait to see what Tommy Bahama shirts you have picked out for retirement.



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