Dwayne Johnson Named Sexiest Man Alive By People Magazine and Greatest Human Ever By My Brain

In a country divided and unsure of it’s future there is one thing that this great nation can all agree on…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the most deserving man to win Sexiest Man Alive.


There are a lot of factors to take into account what makes a man deserving of such an esteemed honor of being the Sexiest Man in the entire world. Lets see how The Rock stacks up in the most important aspects.

Devastatingly good looks? Check. Good physique? Double check. Charisma oozing out your ass? 100billion checks.

Recently, jumping on The Rock bandwagon has been the popular thing to do. As the driver of that wagon I say “Come on board!” For years I’ve been saying that Dwayne Johnson is my favorite actor. It was good for a laugh back in his early acting days when he was doing roles like The Game Plan, The Tooth Fairy, and other light children romps. While everyone gave him no respect and brushed him off saying he was just a fake athlete trying to be an actor I stuck with him. Skip ahead a decade and the man has become the biggest name in Hollywood. In 2016 he was the highest grossing actor according to Forbes magazine. That just doesn’t happen to any athlete who has tried to make it in showbiz. The man has worked his ass off to get where he is and is still one of the nicest and most humble people in the world. He has told a story of only having $7 to his name and doing whatever it takes to survive. Now he is on top of the world.

I say I’m the driver of The Rock bandwagon because he’s been my dude since I can remember. Take this crude drawing I did as a child. Peep the date in the bottom left hand corner. 4/3/00.


Almost 17 years ago I was drawing pictures of The Rock because he was one of my heroes. I didn’t really even like wrestling and still would tune in just to see what he was cooking. I taught myself how to do his eyebrow raise and how to execute a perfect People’s Elbow.

I don’t even know if this story was worth a post but if it involves Dwayne Johnson, it sure as hell is worth it to me.

Now here are the 5 best and sexiest moments of The Rock:






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