10 Best Films of 2016


2016 was a terrible year for a lot of reason but when it came to movies it was fantastic. Here are my picks for top 10 movies of 2016:

10-9. Tie (Moonlight, Nocturnal Animals, Hell or High Water, Silence)-I haven’t seen these movies yet but based on what I have heard from reviews at least one of these movies would make any top 10 list. Seems like unfair to leave them off.

8. Everybody Wants Some– A “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused. A very simple movie in concept of three days in the life of a college baseball team in Texas as they navigate parties, girls, and the ball busting that comes with living competitive guys. Just a fun movie with a great soundtrack.

7. Deadpool– In a time of repetitive superhero movies, along comes Deadpool to fuck shit up. Ryan Reynolds finally gets a movie where his smug and sarcastic demeanor works perfectly. It really was the character he was born to play. Great action and some truly disturbing humor. Perfect.

6. Captain America: Civil War– Even though I just complained about superhero movies this was just too good to leave off. I wasn’t a big fan of Age of Ultron so this movies perfectly fulfilled my Avengers craving. The movie did exactly what it needed to. It told a Captain America story while still focusing on the bigger picture in the MCU. Actions in this movie will have lasting consequences for future Marvel stories. Also introduced Blank Panther and Spiderman fairly seemingly which is very impressive.

5. Arrival– It’s not everyday where an alien movie is an Oscar contender. This movie had the longest lasting effect on me. Days later I was still putting together all of the pieces. Amy Adams has another great performance in a perfectly underplayed role that could have been cheesy in someone else’s hands. Beautifully shot and written.

4. The Nice Guys– Funniest movie of the year, hands down. A great nod to the 70s and genuinely funny slap stick humor. I wish this movie performed better at the box office because this is the type of an original movie that you just don’t see anymore. Ryan Gosling is hysterical as a crappy cop and crappier father. A future cult classic for sure.

3. Rogue One– An actual Star Wars movie about WAR. There is a big risk expanding the Star Wars universe but this movie really set the tone for future stories. A very singular film with amazing action. A movie where the second it ended I wanted to watch it again immediately. Also had my favorite moment in a movie this year where Darth Vader just goes ape shit on Rebel soldiers. There is a reason he is  one of the greatest villains in history. RIP Carrie Fisher too.

2. Manchester by the Sea– Heartbreaking, bleak, and laugh out loud funny. I loved this movie. The story it tells is just so real. Casey Affleck has the best performance of the year by a landslide. I can’t say enough about the emotional weight of this movie that found the perfect medium for extremely sad and depressing while still able to keep natural humor of everyday life.

1.La La Land– I loved everything about this movie. The music, the acting, the story, and most importantly the visuals. A very unique and fun movie. A true love letter to Hollywood. I don’t know the exact moment where I realized that Ryan Gosling is amazing but I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. It feels like every year he’s in one of my favorite movies. I can’t see this losing Best Picture at the Oscars. I can’t wait to watch is again and again.




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