Tacos vs. Burritos 

I saw this question posed on Twitter today and felt like I had to give my opinion. It’s a debate as old of time. Taco vs. Burrito. The heavyweights of the Mexican cuisine. There isn’t necessarily a right answer to this matchup because you can’t go wrong with either but a winner must be chosen.




  • More versatility. Hard and soft shells
  • You see what you are getting
  • Simpler makeup
  • Ability to eat multiple


  • Fragile
  • Can’t eat on the go
  • Not able to fit as many ingredients in

Overall: I choose tacos 9 times out of 10 but that tenth time nothing can beat a burrito



  • Able to fit more ingredients
  • Keeps warms better
  • Better on the go
  • Doesn’t shatter into millions of pieces after the first bite


  • Too big. You feel like you are eating a small baby
  • Uneven bites in terms of ingredients
  • Harder to come by

Overall: Burritos are supremely underrated. If I want to make myself Mexican food my go to seems to be a burrito over a taco. Burrito bowls might be better though.

Conclusion: Tacos squeak bye but honestly it’s surprisingly close. A perfect burrito probably beats a perfect taco but you can’t top the GOAT food from south of the border.


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