Kanye West Albums Ranked



I recently saw Complex magazine do a ranking of Kanye’s albums. Usually I trust the opinion of Complex but being a huge Kanye fan myself I thought they really missed the mark on the list. My ranking goes as follows.

9. 808s & Heartbreaks: A low point in Kanye’s life after the death of his mother leads to a low point in his song making ability. An autotune mess but a few gems in there.

Best Song:


8. Cruel Summer: I don’t really consider this a true Kanye album because it’s more of a collection of G.O.O.D Music songs. The best verse on the album isn’t even from Kanye, that honor goes to 2 Chainz with his career resurgance and defining verse on “Mercy.” Not actually released in the summer but similar to 808s there are still a few gems on there.

Best Song:


7. Yeezus: An odd yet somewhat beautiful mix of sounds that I can only describe as “Grunge EDM.” I saw Kanye on his Yeezus Tour and it was the best live performance I have ever witnessed but that doesn’t mean that this album is all that good.

Best Song:


6. Graduation: This will be the most unpopular opinion of the rankings. Everyone seems to love this album and puts it in their top 3. Personally I felt like it was a very singles driven record and had too much of a pop sound. It does have my favorite Kanye song on it but it also has my least favorite. It’s really a testament to his discography that something this great doesn’t even crack his top five.

Best Song:


5. The Life of Pablo: Kanye’s most recent album and one of his most ambitious. Kanye has a knack for getting out-rapped on a lot of his songs and this holds true in the first song where Chance the Rapper shows everyone why he is the future of hip-hop. I like to think that Kanye brings the best out of rappers where they know they have to come hard on any song they are featured on of his. Overall though its a really great album but a few weak spots drop it down on the list.

Best Song:


4. Watch the Throne: Just like Kanye brings out the best in other rappers, Jay-Z seems to have that effect on Kanye. Every song on here has amazing production and every verse from both rappers are phenomenal. Their two strengths compliment each other so well here and cover up their weaknesses. Another album that you could argue isn’t technically a true Kanye album but I think it’s truly amazing and will stand the test of time better than many of Kanye and Jay-Zs solo records.

Best Song:


3. Late Registration: A sophomore album says a lot about an artist. Many artists find success on their first album because of a catchy single that draws people in wanting to hear more. Too many times the follow up product doesn’t live up to expectations and rappers careers are ended abruptly. For Kanye West, Late Registration proved that he isn’t a flash in the pan and that he is here to stay indefinitely. One of his most introspective and personal albums. Also features one of Jay-Zs most quoteable line and a “I’m next” verse from Lupe Fiasco.

Best Song:


2. The College Dropout: Kanye’s debut album is a perfect encapsulation of the rapper. It’s confident, brash, surprising, sometimes messy, but undeniably genius. When this album was released Kanye already had his imprint in the hip-hop community through his producing. He could have had a great career staying behind the scenes and giving his beats to the hottest rappers in the game. Of course, Kanye is not one to stay out of the spot light and through his persistence and confidence he was able to find his moment. One he did, he never let it get away.

Best Song:


1.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: One of the only albums of any genre that could truly be considered a perfect album from the last couple of decades. There are no weak spots, no bad verse from anybody. It is an album that will define the artist Kanye West for years and years to come. It’s his magnum opus and a true masterpiece.

Best Song:


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