CHIPs Trailer Premiere

On Wednesday night, Dax Shepard and Michael Pena debuted the first trailer for their upcoming reboot of CHiPs on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

My initial reaction was that it had a few laughs and probably has some potential. I’m a huge fan of Michael Pena. He was a scene stealer in Ant-Man and also played a fantastic cop in the very underrated End of Watch. Dax Shepard on the other hand, who is the star/writer/director of this movie, is one of those actors who I can never get a good read on. A quick skim of his IMDB page reveals that he is in only one movie I geniuely like, Idiocracy, and one of my guilty pleasure movies, Employee of the Month. He seems to skate by mainly off the fact that he is married to Kristen Bell. I’m hoping that I can add this movie to the list of ones I like him in.

P.S. – Hey, Hollywood. Stop remaking 80s TV shows and movies. I don’t care if they are funny or entertaining, it’s just lazy.

21 and 22 Jump Street


Lethal Weapon

The A-Team


Dukes of Hazzard




Karate Kid

Clash of the Titans

…and countless more.



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