Young Thug No-Shows Own Music Video Shoot; Video Still Gets Made and The Results Are Spectacular

Entertainers live in their own fantasy world. The more famous you are the more you get treated like royalty. Sometimes, these superstars forget or don’t care about their obligations in life and the people who work for and with them suffer the consequences. Rapper Young Thug proved this point perfectly while filming his recent video for his song, “Wyclef Jean”.

As soon as you name your song after this guy…you know there might be an issue.

Young Thug, or Thugger, is a very peculiar creature. He might have the worst possible singing voice, raps what is generously considered gibberish, and has a passion for wearing dresses. He is very effeminate yet is beloved in the current rap scene. Today is the 25th Anniversary of the movie, Juice, starring a young Tupac Shakur. I can’t imagine that Tupac would like any of these current mublecore rappers but times have changed.


As the video director explains every so eloquently, is that Young Thug had a funny idea for a music video and pitched his proposal to this reps and label. The pitch was then passed on to the director who prepared all the necessary props.

  • Tiny cars
  • Police car
  • Children portraying the police officers
  • and over course and over abundance of “hoes”

The director ran into a slight problem however when Young Thug failed to show up on time to his video shoot on time. When the rapper did show up, he immediately realized that his Instagram page was “hacked” and refused to get out of the car. Thugger drove off, leaving the director with only a few shots of the rapper eating a bag of Cheetos and rapping in front of a private plane.

Using all the props and extras that were paid for ($100,000), the director filmed the following hilarious and informative video.



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