2017 Oscar Nominations and Predictions

Your 2017 Oscar Nominations, folks!

Here are all the nominations in the major categories and predictions for the winners.

Supporting Actress

-I’m going with Viola Davis here. Acting against one of the greatest living actors in Denzel Washington is no easy task, but Davis isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. I could see a possible upset for Denzel in best actor category but Viola should be the clear favorite in her category.


Lead Actress

-This is the hardest category to pick. Emma Stone was in the best movie, Natalie Portman gave the best performance but in a bad movie, and Meryl Streep is, well Meryl Streep (you’re wrong about football Meryl, but I can look past that). Gun to my head I pick Emma Stone.

Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali gave an amazing and very real performance in Moonlight. He was the favorite for the Golden Globe but was upset by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Kick-Ass himself didn’t get nominated in this category this time so it’s hard to foresee another upset here.

Lead Actor

-It has to be Casey Affleck. Usually the Golden Globes are a good indication of who the Oscar winners end up being but you don’t need the Globes to guide the decision here. Affleck gave the best performance of the year by far and deserves this win. My only concern is Denzel “My Man” Washington. Sometimes the Academy favors past winners and Denzel is a two time winner. You never know.


-A true heavyweight category. Arrival is very underrated and I am very excited to see new Bladerunner movie from Denis Villeneuve after this film. Hacksaw Ridge was cool to see, you know the movie has to be truly amazing to give Mel Gibson a nom. Manchester might have been my favorite movie but it’s very, very bleak and pretty understated so it probably won’t get the win. So it comes down to Moonlight and La La Land. From a purely directorial standpoint Damien Chazelle squeaks out a win.

Best Picture

-I was hoping for a wild card nomination for Deadpool but sadly that’s not the case. It’s rare that the Oscars don’t have one perceived major upset a year. Usually it’s in a lesser category like Supporting Actor but this year I’m predicting it’s in the Best Picture category. Everyone has been saying it’s going to be La La Land months before the movie even came out. I walked out of the movie and said, “That better win all the awards.” Chazelle will get his Best Director award but Moonlight will take home the final trophy.

One final thought, “You’re Welcome” was the biggest snub for Best Original Song this year. I guess Dwayne Johnson will have to wait another year before getting his Oscar. Sad!



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