Isaiah Thomas Tweets Eyes Emoji and NBA Twitter Loses Its Mind

Fresh off the heels of a blockbuster trade involving DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins and the New Orleans Pelicans, the world of NBA Twitter was put on another rollercoaster night. This time it was set off by an emoji, the eyes emoji to be exact.

Boston Celtics point guard, resident ompa-loompa and “King in the Fourth”, Isaiah Thomas tweeted this late Monday night.

Harmless right? Wrong. As a keen observer noticed  the last time Isiah tweeted “eyes” the Celtics acquired Al Horford.

Could another superstar be on their way to Beantown? Initial speculation pointed to Jimmy Butler, the star of the Chicago Bulls. It might seem odd for the Bulls to trade away their only franchise but the Celtics have the most enticing pieces to trade away with Jaylen Brown, and multiple picks from one of the most lopsided deals with the Nets a few years back.

Everybody wants a piece

Then came an unexpected follow. The Celtics began following Carmelo Anthony. Wow! As far as social media is concerned when a team follows a player who currently is on another roster then it automatically means that player has been traded. The Celtics also follow Kobe Bryant. Could the Black Mamba be eyeing a comeback with the Lakers biggest rival in history? Now Carmelo’s name has been thrown around in recent trade rumors (please happen) but as of right now nothing has progressed in terms of a deal happening according to all ACTUAL NBA REPORTERS on Twitter.

I also don’t know what it is about the NBA and emojis but no one does it better.



And speaking of Celtics, no one has better emoji game than Paul Pierce.



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