Predator Cast Photo Released (Spoiler Alert, None of Them Could Kill The Predator)

Director, Shane Black, tweeted out the first official (partial) cast photo of his upcoming Predator reboot. Apparently this version of the movie will take place in a mall where the Predator has been praying upon unsuspecting shoppers in J. Crew.

Just look at those chic fashionistas on their way to kill THE MOST DANGEROUS CREATURE ON THE PLANET!!!

Let’s start with Sterling K. Brown:


A casual Khaki jacket over a black zip-up hoodie. Dark brown Chinos and what looks like white sneakers. Intimidating stuff.

Trevante Rhodes:


Ok, he looks a little more badass. Camo shirt with sleeves cut off exposing jacked arms with an American Flag tattoo and not one, but two, barbed wire tattoos. This looks like a guy who is ready for the jungle. Wait, nevermind. He’s wearing a beanie. No sleeves and a winter hat. Figure out your temperature bro. That’s how the Predator finds you idiot.

Boyd Holbrook:


Another guy who is somewhat dressed ready to kill. Camo pants, patch on shoulder for resting gun. Big gun in hand…and is holding it with the weakest deadfish grip I’ve ever seen.

Olivia Munn:


Cool backpack. Is it the first day of school?

Keegan Michael Key:


Bundled up to the max. At least four layers of shirts and an Afgan scarf. I’m hoping his character is named

Jacob Tremblay:


A child in a bright yellow sweatshirt. Lived 11 years in a room, won’t last 11 seconds against the Predator.

You’re telling me these runway models stand a better chance than these psychos?

(I’m actually so excited for this movie. Shane Black has an amazing track record. Gonna be so funny and great action.)



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